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Turn your gym into a machine.

We help great coaches build great businesses
without reputation ruining bait-and-switch offers,
scammy AF slip-sliding into dms, or demeaning
discount LBOs...

We help great coaches build great businesses without reputation ruining bait-and-switch offers, scammy AF slip-sliding into dms, or demeaning discount LBOs...​

Who We Are

Welcome to Gym Member Machine! We’re not just your gym’s marketing agency, we’re your strategic growth partner. From offer design, customized multi-platform ad campaigns, world-class website development, time saving sales & automation systems, and all the coaching & resources you need to turn those new eyeballs you’ll be getting into raving-fan-referral-engine clients, we’re here to help you build your Gympire as fast, fun, and friction-free as possible. 

At Gym Member Machine, we understand the unique challenges gym owners face and want to help you do what you do best.

Look, I’m gonna level with you…
We’re not in the business of selling snake oil like every ad you see in your newsfeed guaranteeing you 80 bajillion members in 42 seconds with no work… I know you know better than to trust those idiots.

I know you probably also understand that keeping up with what’s working now on every ad platform, every algorithm change, every Google update that wrecks your SEO is a full-time job you probably don’t have time for (and you probably wouldn’t want to do it if you did).  

Bottom line, you’re the best in your area at taking care of the people you serve. We’re the best in the biz at helping gym owners grow without forcing you to run scammy offers you feel awful about or resorting to high-pressure, high-anxiety sales tactics to make a buck.

Let’s build the business you want and have you feel awesome about it in the process. 

People Lie ...

But Numbers Don't

Clients Stay With Us 1996% Longer Than Other Programs
100 %

With ZERO crazy long-term contracts: As of the publishing of this page, our average clients stay with us for 59.88 months (with an open-door policy to leave whenever they want)…

Transparency & No Hidden Fees
1 %

You pay for your ad spend (we don’t hide your ads to keep your data from ya like the other guys) and your usage of our phone system (optional and we make precisely zero dollars from it – only pay for what you use). No hidden fees, ever.

Ridiculous "Set-up" And "Onboarding" Fees

Assuming we’re a fit (and there’s no wait list at the time you apply) you’ll be offered a more-than-fair monthly rate and can cancel anytime. (We’re not in the “grab your 5k setup fee b/c we know you’re leaving when you figure out how much we suck” game)


Our goal is to make great gym owners as rich, happy, and free as they damn well please. Here’s how we do it: 

Ads So Good The Other Guys Try to Steal 'Em

Don't worry, they can't keep up 🙂
What do you get when you combine the behind-the-scenes copywriter that launched some of the biggest brands in the small-group training space with a PHD data nerd who's spent every working hour of the past six years doing nothing but ads for gyms around the world? The best damn ads gym owners have ever seen, that's what 🙂

World Class Websites

Custom conversion and seach engine optimized gym websites that'll make every other gym in your area jealous as hell.

Beautiful, lightning fast websites that play nice with your favorite search engines give you the most incredible business card conversion machine the gym world has ever seen.

You've never seen sites this pretty load this fast 💨

Done-For-You Automation Suite

✅ Automated lead nurture to turn your new leads into appointments and opportunities for you
✅ Beautiful booking funnels & appointment reminder sequences (SMS, email, etc.) done for you
✅ World class support -> other agencies tell you they'll get back to you in 24-48 hours (and it takes 'em weeks to actually help)... our average ticket is SOLVED in hours, not days.

Full Stack Mentorship for You AND Your Team

Would you be totally against your gym growing without you having to do everything? Thought so 🙂

We provide 5+ LIVE coaching calls per week (recordings if you can't make them) to help you and your team turn your new lead flow into new raving fan referral flow.

The Gym Member Machine Vault

We know you don't need another "course" with 8000 videos that we both know you're never gonna go through... The GMM Vault is different...

We build curated playbooks & easy-to-implement resources that your personal Client Success Coach will recommend to you and your team based on your individual situation.

Work With People Who Care (and Have to Earn Your Business Every Single Month)

You're better off scrolling down and hearing this from some our clients (means more coming from them than it'll mean coming from us), but it's the truth. And if it's not, you can leave. Simple.


We’re about serving YOUR mission and agenda, not ours. Want to take over the world and scale to multiple locations? We’ve got you. Want to build a great income in a single location and coach forever (or the forseeable future)? We’ve got you! We’re about helping you get what you want, not about forcing you into some “goo-roo” model or single way of doing things. 


Getting started is simple. Assuming we both feel awesome about working together and you join our rebellious gym owner growth familia, here’s how the process works. Our average gym owner is fully launched and getting new clients within the first two weeks of signing on with us. 

1. Craft Your Signature Offer

Too many “goo-roos” launch random ads and start driving traffic to an offer & model that isn’t ever going to get the owner (that’s you) what you actually want out of it. Your first call with our team is a deep dive into making sure that we only launch ads & offers that are designed to create the end result you’re looking for (all while making sure we align with your brand, culture, and vision for your business in the process). 

2. We Get You Leads

Once we’ve settled on your ideal offer, our world-class ads team goes to work on copy and creative that match your end goal. We combine our best practices and knowledge of “what’s working now” in hundreds of markets around the world with your goals, vision, and offer, then launch great ads that get you leads. This all happens within your first week as a client (on average). 

3. We Automate What We Can, Coach What We Can't

We build your custom sales & marketing automation suite designed to get those lovely new leads to conveniently book into whatever the next step is for your business. Some clients even decide to offload the entire nurture process (responding to leads via text & email) to our team of trained appointment setting specialists, and some decide to keep it house. Either way, we make it simple with clear scripts, playbooks, and resources to give you the highest return on your marketing dollar as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

4. We Help You Turn Those Opportunities Into Raving-Fan Referral Engines

I’m admittedly biased as all hell, but I truly believe our unique sales training system is the best on the planet for gym owners who want to, yes, close more clients at higher prices, but, more importantly, want to build the foundation for a great relationship with members who want to stick around for long haul. Then, once they’re in, we’ll help you craft your referral engine to help you to turn one client into another… then another… then another… 

5. Free the Founder and Scale as High and Hard as You Like

You probably don’t want to do every job in your gym forever, right? This is where things get fun 🙂 Once you’re enjoying the growth that comes from your lovely new member machine, it’s time to start freeing you up to focus on the things that bring the biggest impact and enjoyment for you. Maybe that means installing facility leaders to scale to 2, 3, even 10 locations (yep, we’ve helped a TON of clients scale up into multi-location operations). Maybe that means creating a cash-flowing asset that runs (mostly) on its own so you can focus on whatever your “next thing” is. Either way, we’re here to help (this is one of the reasons our average engagement is almost 5 years and not 5 months 😉 

What We Believe In

No Bull 💩 & Fairy Tales

Look, I’d love to tell you you’re gonna make a bajillion dollars overnight and that everything’s gonna be easy. It’s not. The truth is, this stuff takes work (on your part and ours). If you’re looking for a fairy tale where you sit back and make millions with no work I highly recommend you return to your FB newsfeed and click any one of the dozens of ads you see promising you said bulls***. 

Offers You Feel Great About

We’ll never make you run an offer we wouldn’t feel comfortable running in one of our own gyms. You don’t need to “trick”, scam, or bait-and-switch your way to a highly profitable gym. There are countless ways to win in this industry that don’t destroy your reputation and leave you with a page of Google reviews claiming you’re a scam. Our multiple multiple (that’s not a typo) seven-figure gym owners prove this every day.  

Partnerships > Profit

We’re in this for the long haul and LOVE seeing our clients who show up struggling to crack $10k/month in gross revenue, hating their lives and doing everything themselves bloom into true CEOs with incredible businesses, great teams, multiple locations, and true “Gympire Builders” over the years. We believe if we do the right thing (even when it’s hard), that the profit will follow. 

What Our Clients Say

Look, while I’m totally biased and can say we’re the best gym growth guys and gals around (my mom thinks so, too!), it’d probably be helpful to hear from people on the inside. 

That said here’s what some of our clients say about us: 

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers! Got something you don’t see here or want more detail on the questions below? Just book a quick chat and we’ll talk ya through it. No pressure, no games, just a quick conversation where the goal is for us to point ya in the right direction whether we ever work together “officially” or not. <- Seriously… we only invite about 30-35% of the folks we talk to to work with us. If we can’t help, we’ll let you know. 

RE: Pricing, we raise prices intermittently on new folks coming in, but the standard for most single-location folks coming in on the DFY services is gonna range at pretty close to $1600-1800/m for the whole enchilada. No extra charges for websites, automation CRMs, etc.

You pay for your usage of the phone system (we don’t make anything on this, you pay for what you use and the typical gym will spend $30-50/month on it) and your ad spend (you pay Facebook [or other platforms we advertise on] directly – no funny games where the agency charges you for your ad spend and hides the fact that they’re pocketing your money or being lazy AF with your ad management).

We typically recommend a starting test budget of $20-30/day but you can absolutely go higher (or a little lower in smaller markets) if you like.

Nope. We have flexible payment options (most do monthly or weekly) and you’ve got an open door to leave whenever you want (and we’re still at about 2% monthly churn [closer to 1% if you don’t count clients we fire ourselves] for the past two years and change). Some folks opt to pay for more months in full for a bit of a break on the monthly investment but there’s zero obligation for you to rock that way until you trust us enough to know that you want to stick around. 

Assuming we’re not waitlisted I’d book your intro (*cough* SUPER high pressure get-to-know-you call *cough*) call asap, if we all think it’s a fit we’ll shoot you a payment link, an onboarding form, and the magic kicks off from there. 

Timeline for launch (automation & ads)  is typically within 7 days of signup if you get your tech & strategy calls booked right away. Websites take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.***

***The biggest bottleneck for launch right this second is A2P10DLC registration & approvals for usage of the automated texting system. Unfortunately this is an industry wide (meaning ALL industries using automated texting; not just the fitness or marketing industry) issue and, although our team is up to date and on the cutting edge of SOPs and compliance w/ these processes, sometimes there’s a lag on approvals that can push back automated text launches and the like.

I’m glad you clicked on this one 😈

Our founder did a couple mil in gym sales (up to four gym brands at his peak that he lived a minimum of 1000 miles away from), and has been coaching gym owners since as far back as 2014 and was a “behind the scenes” marketing guy for some of the biggest small group training brands in the space. 

Two of our coaches are active multi-location, multi-7 figure gym owners who’s primary game is still their gyms (hint: they didn’t run a bunch of bait switch stuff that ruined their reputation and forced them to “exit” and move into “biz coaching.”) 

Another one of our coaches has built a fully automated & delegated six figure PROFIT brick and mortar facility (he even owns a chunk of the building now) AND is the CEO for a 7-figure online fitness company. 

Yet another one of our coaches built a multi-six figure PROFIT facility that allows him the freedom to coach who and when he wants on his time… yep, he’s still doing it every day. 

Long story short, you’ll be dealing with experts who are still IN the industry building cash cow businesses they LOVE… not a bunch of “goo-roos” who built businesses they couldn’t keep running (because they ran their local brand & reputation into the dirt) and moved to “coaching” because they didn’t have another option #sorrynotsorry

9 out of 10 gym owners that say this actually need the coaching and advice most of all, but I digress. 

We don’t split up the services. The reality is we’re priced at about the level you’d pay for either a decent agency (shop around by all means; if you find folks doing it cheaper they’re typically either rookies or so scaled to shit that it takes you 8 weeks to hear from anyone on their team, get an ad changed, etc.) OR a decent coaching program (most reputable coaching/mastermind programs are going to be in the $800-1200/m range minimum and not include any DFY services). 

Long story short our entire game is retention [read: long-term relationships] (from a selfish biz strategy standpoint), playing the long game, and providing so much value to our gym owners that any other option just seems, well… stupid. 

You can find pieces of a lot of what we do cheaper in different places, but I don’t know of anyone else providing what we do (most agencies will charge you $199-599/m for the CRM we give you for free, for example), at the service level we provide (most also leave you with a templated account where you get the full-time job or have to hire someone internally to learn your new automation suite). 

If you’re advanced, great, utilize our coaching squad to bring your team up to speed. Book a 1-1 to chat about expanding to an additional location and presale strategies (we’ve done dozens of these for a lot of names you probably know). Either way, we’ve got your back.


Love this question: we have a range of additional services and upgrades (done-for-you lead nurture, conversational booking bot driven by chatGPT, a small-group invite only mastermind reserved for gym owners doing minimum $40k/m) but we don’t always have capacity on those offerings and their pricing adjusts over time. Similar to our standard retainers, the best time to join was 5 years ago, the next best time is today. Feel free to inquire about wait lists on your intro call.

Sure do – conditionally unconditional better-than-your-money back guarantee. If you hit the conditions below and you’re not happy for whatever reason or you like screwing over prematurely graying girl dads we’ll give you 100% of your money back plus $500 for your trouble: 

1. Gotta get your tech stuff to us w/in 72 business hours of signup. We make this super easy and do all the button clicking for you on a Zoom call, so no worries if you’re tech illiterate or don’t know where your FB biz manager is. 

2. Get your strategy call done w/ us w/in 72 business hours of signup. (So we can customize your plan and get your strategy over to our ads team asap). 

3. This is the gotcha! Call all non-booked leads a minimum of 5 times within the first 3 days of them becoming a lead. Double dialing counts as one. This must be done on our CRM so it can be verified and we can review quality of the calls, coach up your follow up staff if necessary, etc.

4. Gotcha #2: If you’re not closing/not happy, record at least two closing conversations and submit for review prior to your 21-day mark with us (so we have a chance to figure out why you’re not closing and fix it).   

Long story short if you do your part and you’re not happy, we’ve got your back.

It depends. Some folks come in and absolutely crush month one, but it doesn’t always happen that way. 

Sometimes markets are harder. Sometimes skills are more lacking. Sometimes more needs to be changed or leveled up. 

What we tell folks is if you’re not happy with the trajectory by the end of month two or three you should probably just fire us (if we don’t fire ourselves lol). 

Can you make a cash-on-cash ROI immediately, sure! And if you’re hurting for cash, we have some strategies where we can work with you to get more aggressive on month 1 cash collected to help make the bank account look a little prettier for you sooner than later. 


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