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3-Location Gym Owner Goes from Babysitting his Old Marketing Agency to “Looking Like a Genius” and Opening a Fourth Location 🏋️‍♂️💥

In case you want the short version… as I often tell my wife: “you’ve got 60 seconds, don’t you?” Check out the full conversation with G below 🙂

Gym Owners! 

Ever feel like you’re juggling flaming kettlebells trying to get your gym’s marketing on point? 🤹‍♂️🔥

Tired of chasing down your marketing agency and waiting weeks to get changes knocked out (or, in G’s case, to even get a response to an email) 😱

Giancarlo Reigni (he goes by G) is an awesome gym owner (and great dude in general) with three locations in Philly. His “marketing partners” were really great about parading him around as a success story but couldn’t respond to emails, fix issues when things broke, or, frankly, do anything proactive as a growth partner for G and his gyms.

Then G heard about a little company called Gym Member Machine from a few of his industry buddies that made the switch from his old provider and never looked back…

Here’s where it gets good. After his switch to GMM, (that’s us – an agency that doesn’t require an advanced degree in nagging to work with), his gyms are taking off! To quote G: “my team is freaking out saying things like ‘we’re gonna run into capacity issues’ and I’m like guys… remember when we prayed for this to happen a few months ago???” 

We want to be very clear – G is an incredible leader and operator. All we’re doing with him is unlocking his ability to do what he does best, and he does those things (leadership, connecting with prospects and members, providing an incredible service) exceptionally well. G’s success is due to G, not us. 

“I’m in too deep, isn’t switching SUPER hard???”

Actually… no. 

We make the process as seamless as humanly possible and, long story short, just listen to G talk about his experience with it (we’re obviously biased as hell)… 

The Real Heavyweight Question: Should You Switch? 🤔

Look, if you’re spending more time playing tug-of-war with your marketing agency than you are taking care of your clients, something’s gotta give. And let’s be honest, if your current agency is making you feel like you need a pre-workout just to keep up with them, it’s time to let them do a few thousand no handed burpees while you find someone who can actually provide the “lift” your business needs.

The Next Step? 

It’s super simple, click any of the get started links on our page, answer a few questions about your business, and one of our gym growth experts will hop on a call, talk through your situation, and see if there’s a way we can help. 

We only make an offer to about a 30-35% of the folks we talk to, so it really is a coaching conversation (cleverly disguised as a super high pressure sales call… lol). 

Book a chat. If you think we’re full of 💩, no harm no foul. But, if you’re like G, you’ll be asking yourself where the hell we’ve been hiding all these years and kicking yourself for not starting sooner 😉

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