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Gym Member Machine Review: Wellness Studio Triples his old record for “New Clients in a month”

Meet Enqing, owner of Wellness Within Studio in NYC. Enqing went from working all the time, doing everything himself, and struggling to get more members in his gym to TRIPLING his old “PR” of new clients in a month and finally having freedom in his business. 

The Search for a Solution: Before Gym Member Machine

GMM wasn’t Enqing’s first call… He’d been through the agency runaround and was pretty close to giving up on the idea of running ads for his studio altogether—until he found our little rebellious band of gym growth specialists, that is 😉

Results… New clients for his studio on autopilot [plus some surprising results from his gym’s fancy new website]

Enqing’s business has taken off. He went from getting 2-4 leads a month from his old website to 20+ a month with his new conversion & search engine optimized site #builtbygmm. His website and ads are driving growth where the only thing Enqing has to do is call the leads that don’t book automatically and not screw it up when they show up 😂

Last month he tripled his usual monthly client sign-ups – signing up 17 new high-ticket clients (he used to be lucky to get 4-5/month). 

Secret Sauce? Sales Training and Mastermind Calls in the GMM Vault

Look, it’s no secret that leads don’t mean a dang thing unless they’re actually signing up… 

That’s why we do multiple live coaching calls per week and have scripts, processes, and full-on courses in our vault that help train gym owners (and, for those of you that don’t want to be the only person at your gym that can sell, their teams!) on how to sell high-priced memberships and programs without being pushy, sleazy, or resorting to any icky bait-and-switch BS. 

Enqing took the training and, to his credit, worked on the craft… 

The results? 

He took his closing rate from 20-30% in March to 70-80% in April 😯

What’s Next? 

We’re helping Enqing hire and train his new team and he’s continuing his growth and experiencing more freedom in his business than ever. 

Will you get results like he did? Who the heck knows!? 

Enqing dove in with ZERO ego and was humble enough to do the work on what needed fixing instead of pointing the finger at “bad leads” and, because of HIS work (and supreme “give-a-sh**” factor on actually doing a great job serving his clients), is reaping the benefits. 

Even if you don’t work with us, be like Enqing. 

Proud of you dude! 

Love, hugs, all that shiz, 

-Your loving gym growth squad at Gym Member Machine

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